Finders, not Seekers – Pandora Radio.

New technologies are all about convenience. Minimal efforts with maximum results. Media users are becoming accustomed to this type of interaction with technology, and this is what Pandora Internet Radio has captured phenomenally.

Surfacing in 2000, Pandora has utilised an innovative technology known as the Music Genome Project, which has aided them in their aim to ‘play only music you’ll love’. Musician-analysts have worked meticulously, listening to thousands of songs and studying them in fine detail to compile groupings of similar artists or genres. All you have to do? Enter the name of an artist, song or genre you love. That’s it! The radio will do the rest for you – scanning all of its analyses to play similarities to you. Now that’s what I call convenience at it’s finest – almost zero input with a world of results. This is imperative in the world of today’s technology as “most people don’t have the time or inclination to really go looking” – they want to be the finders, but not the seekers. Pandora “exposes listeners to a wider range of music without forcing them to do a prohibitive amount of exploring” (Westergren.)

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But wait, there’s more! Pandora doesn’t only offer benefits to the users, but also to musicians. As the music libraries grow, webcasters will be able to gain information about users locations. This will help determine which songs and artists are most popular, and where they are most popular. This paired with emails about tour announcements could create a better income for musicians and a more valuable experience for consumers.

However, there are some downfalls. Most poignantly, similar competitors such as Slacker Radio. While Pandora allows you to customise your radio stations, it’s not quite as effective as Slacker Radio’s method, and the sound quality is also slightly inferior. However, the included audio adds, in my opinion are more tolerable than those played by similar programs, such as Jango.

I would say the message of Pandora radio is a free, convenient and customised music experience… really, what more could you want?

If you’re interested in how Pandora works, take a look at this:


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