The Audience becomes Active with Pandora Radio

Traditionally, radio stations have worked to cater to a very large audience, meaning the listener’s experience can be impersonal and monologic.


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However, with the emergence of Pandora Radio, the experience of radio has become much more than this. Pandora is able to cater to a much wider audience while creating an explicitly personal experience for every user; they play what you want to hear. 

Internet radio has also allowed the interaction with radio to become more dialogical. It is no longer one sided, with Pandora the audience joins the conversation. You can skip songs you don’t like, publish what you’re playing to your facebook and see users who like the same songs or stations. One key feature of Pandora setting it apart from broadcast radio is the option to like or dislike a song. Liking a song will lead to the same artist or similar songs being played, disliking a song leading to the opposite. Internet radio is “driven by mobility and connectivity” (Moscaritolo, 2013) leading to the increase in its popularity.


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Furthermore, Pandora’s music feed tool is a social feature enhancing the possibility of prosuming.  According to Mark Harris, “It enables you to follow what other people are listening to (and vice-versa of course). This is a great tool for two-way music discovery and helps you to follow your Facebook friends who also use Pandora.

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These features have created a much more personal and interactive radio experience in comparison to traditional radio. The audience becomes prosumers as they create the experience for themself, thus fostering a better relationship between the audience and producer.

This is not simply a hypothetical analysis. I have been using this technology extensively, and I have loved it. I don’t have to put up with songs I hate or presenters who annoy me, and I love that I am able to participate in shaping my own internet radio experience.


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*Please note – one in text reference did not include the year of the article, this is because it was not provided.

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