Reflecting on Murdoch

I am sure anybody who has read my blog thus far has gained at least a slight inkling that I am a very strongly opinionated person when it comes to politics (and mostly everything else as well). I love learning about politics, debating politics, writing about politics and most of all, criticising politicians. This is why, for me, media ownership is a topic that interests me immensely. 

I found learning about Murdoch and his ‘empire’ really engaging. The politics of media ownership is something that I find riveting because it so often lacks transparency. This is especially true when connecting the dots between the motives of Murdoch and the endorsements of the liberal party – if the society is ‘democratic’ then the media should not be so concentrated and carefully constructed.


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I am going to be blunt – I dislike (hint: this is the biggest euphemism I have ever used) Tony Abbott. I feel as though Australia as a whole was lied to about the positive changes the Abbott government was going to bring for our country through the persuasion of Murdoch’s media. I would go as far as to say that the media was used as propaganda, but presented as fact. 


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Due to research in previous subjects, I understood this was possible due to heavily concentrated media ownership. I realise the benefits for Murdoch if Abbott is in power. However, I was unaware of the debate between private vs government owned media. I would say it was this aspect of the material that really challenged me. If privately owned media is concentrated and can be ruled by opinion, and government owned media can by controlled by whomever is in power – then what is the answer? 


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That being said, I think this is how you know a subject has really enhanced your learning. When it either teaches you something new, or builds on knowledge you already have – and in doing so challenges you. Stemming from the importance I place on learning about political happening and political discourse, I think it’s important to debate what you you believe, and be challenged to justify why – and I feel like BCM110, especially in the topic of Media Ownership, has done this. 

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Disclaimer: Giraffe is an accurate representation of myself, the high-heeled wearing feminist as I am 5’11” and I lurrve me some high heels.

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