Media, Audience & Place

Greetings BCM240! For a short and sharp introduction:

  • My name is Emma
  • I am a second/third year BCM student (the backslash comes as a result of three degree and two university changes – even I am unsure what type of student box I tick)
  • I love halloumi and peanut m&ms, in equal measure
  • I spend 98% of my time watching Shaaanxo on YouTube

My state of ‘being’, in the online sense, has come very far indeed. Casting my memory back 10 years, I find myself on Habbo hotel – don’t even pretend you haven’t been there. I vividly recall my super cool ten year old self creating an avatar whose life goal was ‘to get a hot boyfriend’ (I was always a big dreamer), and taking it to the online habbo hospital, pretending to be a nurse. As I was very carefully tending to a lady ‘giving birth’, another habbo man walks in to said hospital, and starts screaming “I HAVE AIDS HELP ME!!! I AM DYING FROM THE AIIIIIIIIIIDS” – this is when I hear my mum’s footsteps behind me. So… that was the first time I was banned from an online space. In hindsight, correctly so.

Fast forward to my twenties, my media activities tend to be more focused on university, social justice, or a combination of both. Now, rather than have my antics policed by my not so tech savvy mother, they are usually policed by other internet users who disagree with what I share (e.g. a level headed stranger who told me to “fuck off out the country, you bitch” for retweeting something anti Abbott). I have also found myself wanting to cover my laptop screen while cringing when my BCM research has been casually exposed to onlookers, and I end up looking like a kinky freak. Has anybody else had to search ‘porn’, and ‘pollution’ in the same sentence for an essay? No..? Just me then. Point being – I’d rather do that research in the solitary confinement of my bedroom with Netflix open in another tab, rather than next to someone very ferociously learning about metaphysics on level two of the UOW library.

So that’s pretty much me. Lover of chocolate, reformed habbo hotel user, and repeat offender of putting myself in situations where I have to write very obscure essays. Keen as a bean to meet you in tutorials or read your blogs, folks!


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