Chapter 1: January 2016

I would say that for me, January always seems to be one of the best months of the year. November through February are generally pretty fabulous, but January brings with it a sense of relief, relaxation and exciting prospects for the year ahead. I am one of those people who loves getting way too invested in new years resolutions and believes in the metaphor of a fresh start that January inevitably holds. As though because the date now ends in ‘2016’ instead of ‘2015,’ I will magically lose those 5 kilos and transform into a punctual and REAL adult. Hey, a gal can dream – and I sure do dream of January.


January started with a bang, I must say. Initially this bang was a constant and painful throb inside my head due to NYE festivities, but this was quickly resolved by the best hangover cure EVER, Zues Street Greek.

Can I get an Amen for soft shell crab pitas and feta fries on New Years Day?

January was already commin up, Shipley. 2016 then continued in a very thrifty fashion at Glebe markets. These are my all time favourite markets in Sydney and I scored some sparkly steals.

I picked up some Steve Madden rainbow jewelled loafers, leather lined and hardly worn, for 5 bloody dollars. 5 BUCKS! Clearly I had to purchase the $2 gold sequin Mink Pink skater skirt and $5 glittery bodycon dress to match. It was nonnegotiable, really.

Fast forward to the the 9th of January, and it was my boyfriend Tom’s birthday. We went out for Italian with his Dad and Dad’s partner, which was so delicious I didn’t even pause for a photo of the food. IKR, cardinal sin. Instead, here’s a photo of the two of us from Christmas and our b’day dessert, a lemon and coconut meringue cheesecake I consider the most delicious thing I have ever baked.

Two days following Tom’s Birthday, he moved over two hours away for university. This was the most challenging and sad part of January for me. Going from seeing somebody everyday to hardly being able to speak and only seeing each other at the weekend is tough. This was made even worse because my parents (who I still live with) were on holidays, and had been since Boxing Day. I am still one of those people who looooooathes being alone, so having the house to myself is not something I enjoyed at all.

Luckily the following weekend I had a trip booked to the Gold Coast, in celebration of my friend Lyn’s 21st. It was the perfect cure for my loneliness and seriously the best fun – I mean who doesn’t love a bender with their girlfriends in a fancy apartment? The weekend was filled with alcohol, Mexican food, boogying, Cards Against Humanity, a new ear piercing, make up and shopping. All of my fave things!


Left to right: Holly, Bridget, Georgia, Lyn, me, Emma. 

You would think this trip would be hard to top, but January just kept getting better and better. The following weekend Tom came home (hoorah!), I ate some bomb Indian food at Murraya and … MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED! My sister and her fiancé (such a fancy word) have been together for over 8 years and are purrrrrr-fect for each other, so this news was very welcomed. Even better, she asked me to be the maid of honour! Talk about #siblingoals (is that a thing? I’m going to make it a thing).

Emmas 21st 167

Myself, sister Sarah, and soon to be brother-in-law, Jimmy.

The last week of January represents the end of annual chapter one for me. This year I spent it completing my last assessment tasks for summer session (thank GOD) and bumming about, pretty much. It was nice to relax and take some time out before I began work again (the cafe I work at is closed over Jan), and generally just get myself together. January, looking back, did not disappoint. In fact, February has some pretty big shoes to fill – I’ll let you know next month how it measures up.

E x

Update on New Years resolutions: Have not lost 5 kilos, am not yet punctual, still do not feel like a REAL adult. Maybe next month…  


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