Birken Head Bargainz

I’ve got something to tell you, I’ve got news for you, gotta put some wheels in motion, get ready CAUSE BIRKEN HEAD POINT IS COMING THROUGH.

Pals, I am telling you. If you live in Sydney and have access to a vehicle, and you haven’t been to Birken Head Point outlet centre, then your life is a lie. I am suggesting, no, instructing, that you go. It like a magical world of bargains and fancy shops, and delicious gozleme and … just SO. MANY. BARGAINS.

I was lucky enough to visit this wonderland with my mum last week and it did not disappoint. Firstly I’d just like to express my disappointment with my 14 year old self who previously visited this centre and certainly did not appreciate it in all its glory. What was I thinking, not capitalising on the GOODS? I am sorry, Birken Head Point, from my previous sins – but boy am I glad we’re back on speaking terms.

Without further adieu, my good people, here are all my FABULOUS purchases.

First stop was Forever New, not to be confused with Forever 21. This isn’t a ‘luxury’ or designer store, but it’s definitely up there in terms of price for the target audience. I scored some absolute bar-gainz, and left the store with a knitted jumper, cropped belle sleeve top, some silky beach pants and a phone case fit for royalty.


Knitted Jumper: originally $70, I paid $14

Crop Top: originally $70, I paid $14

Pants: originally $90, I paid $28

Phone Case: originally $25, I paid $12

They had a sale for 30% off already reduced items, so I just could not resist. The clothes form Forever New are always really good quality and made with beautiful fabrics so I grabbed them while they were hot. Sadly I tried on a very cute denim skirt in a style I’ve been wanting for ages, but it was too big AND missing button, so I had to do without. The pain was real.

Next stop: Diana Ferrari. This is generally a work wear/mature age store, but they do have some killer footwear and had sale signs everywhere pulling at my heart strings. Luckily, because I found these silver slides that I just loooooove.


These shoes were originally $90. Sorry to be crude, but that is batshit insane. Who would spend $90 on SLIDES?! Well, not student-budget-me, anyway. No shame if you could (I’m secretly jealous that you can splurge on such things). Any who, I got them for a very cool $27.30 after a serious battle to find the colour and size I was after in amongst a labyrinth of shoe boxes. Wherever there is a will, there is a way.

After refuelling on some cracking gozleme, I found my way to Levis. The Levis store at my local shopping centre is pretty dismal and way out of my price range, but the Levis at BHP? HEAVEN. I walked out with a nautical parker and some fab jeans. Yes, it is February and hot AF in Australia right now, but Jon Snow wasn’t lying when he said winter is coming. If you go to uni in Wollongong then you know full well this is true, honestly I may as well be in Narnia. Point is – I feel my purchases were justified.

Parker: originally $200, I paid $55

Jeans: originally $59, I paid $30

This parker is seriously the best quality. It’s so thick and durable but really comfy and not at all restrictive at the same time. There is nothing worse than a jacket that renders you a T-rex. I practically live in these in winter and already have quite a few pairs of jeans that will suit nicely, so I am keen as a jelly bean to whip this out. The jeans (which are *technically* leggings – BUT are real pants) were such a great find for me too, because I really struggle with pants. I have quite wide hips but really skinny ankles, so I often find jeans only fit one or the other. I’m also 5 foot 11, so jeans that actually reach my ankles are a miracle – especially at $30 a pop. All in all, SCORE.

My arms by this stage were pretty weighed down by my purchases and I was running out of steam, but hope was not lost. I thought I would have a quick lil glance in Valleygirl and hallelujah I did, because I came out with this absolute pearler of a skirt:

Valleygirl is pretty modestly priced to begin with – this was originally $40 full price, but I got it at 50% off for 20 bucks. I’ve already worn it twice, so safe to say this will be staying in the wardrobe. I may have to physically wrestle through the plethora of other skirts I own to reach it, but it is totally worth it IMO.

Last but not least, was Oroton. Oroton is hands down one of my favourite stores ever for high end accessories. Their pieces are so classy and timeless that I feel the things I buy now I could still happily use in 20 years. I already have two hand bags and a wallet, and I’ve been wanting a keyring for ages. It may seem like a silly purchase, but it’s just one of those nice touches I’ve been pining over. This way, I can pretend I’m a rich celebrity as a drive my humming 1998 Mazda Metro to the servo before petrol prices rise over $1.10.


These retail for around $55-$80 dollars depending on the design, but the BHP Oroton store has 60% off everything. It’s a miracle I didn’t blow all my life savings, but I managed to leave with just this – paying around $25.

Crunching Numbers:

Total spendings: $225.30

Total of RRP: $699

Total savings: $473.70

I have to say I came out on top. Like, waaaaaaaaay on top. I can’t believe I hadn’t been to this centre in about 7 years, and will never let such a travesty happen again. What’s even better, my mum bought my shoes, parker and jeans for me because she is literally the best person on the face of this earth. What a fabulous day for a bargain loving gal such as myself.

All I can say is adios until next time, BHP. And Sydney people, seriously, GO!

E x

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