A Fancy Faced Friday

Today was one of those beautiful rare occurrences when I had the day off work, meaning I could go to the gym and shower in the A.M. You know what that means? I went HAM on the make up without fear I would later have sweat and glitter dripping down my face, fiercely doing the salsa at zumba. (No, zumba is not just for old people – it is FUN and COOL, okay?).

I wasn’t doing anything super special, just running a few errands and seeing a girlfriend, so I wanted to keep it pretty sleek and simple. I ended up deciding on a simple bronzey eye and a deep nude lip.

My face freshly done.

For my primer I used the Nivea men’s ‘Sensitive Post Shave Balm’. This may seem odd, and it does smell like it belongs on a lumber jack, but dayum that stuff WORKS. Just ask Nikkie tutorials.

She aint lyin’. As I type this I’ve had my make up on for around 10 hours and it is still #onfleek. No shine, no patchiness and no product fading. It has to be one of the best and cheapest primers I’ve used – it’s only $9.20 from Priceline, but if you’re stingy AF like me you wait until there’s a 40% off sale and get it for $6. Desperate, but worth it.

For foundation, I opted for the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in the shade 1.1.


I used to use the Nars Sheer Glow in the lightest shade, but was running out and wanted to try something new. This is way better, it literally lasts ALL day. I also have super dry and very very sensitive skin, but this doesn’t irritate me in the slightest. I first got a sample from Mecca and after trying it out 3 times, I went and bought it today when my mind was 100% made up. I will say it does apply best with a sponge over a brush, though.

For concealer, I used my trusty Urban Decay Naked Skin in the shade ‘fair neutral’. I still haven’t found a better concealer, it is honestly creaseless and blends so, so beautifully. To set my face, I used the Maybelline fit me powder in the shade ‘120’, my forever holy grail powder.


I bronzed with a combo of the Stila ‘stay all day’ bronzer in the shade ‘light’, and the HOURGLASS Ambient Light bronzer, also in the shade ‘light’. I can tell you it’s a fab combo because it’s still there, carving out those chiseled cheek bones I was sadly not blessed with.

For blush and highlight, I reverted to some all favourites. I used my Makeup Revolution blush in the shade ‘Love’, which I picked up about half a year ago dirt cheap in Europe, and for highlight I layered Benefit’s ‘sunbeam’ and Nars ‘albatross’. I was ALL. ABOUT. THAT. GLOW.

Highlight on fleek.

My eyes I kept pretty simple. I used my NYX jumbo pencil in the shade ‘ice mocha’ (you can get NYX at Target in Australia) all over the lid with a few shades from my Stila ‘Eyes are the Window – Spirit’ palette dusted in the crease and across the brow bone. My waterline I filled with the NYX retractable eyeliner in ‘silky cashmere’ and gave myself a nice lash lift with Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara.


Last but not least, brows and lips. No look is complete without a lil bit of lovin in these areas. For brows I used my two favourite products of the moment, the Chi Chi dip brow pomade in ‘taupe’ and the Loreal brow plumper in ‘light/medium’. I’m telling you, these are the secret ingredients for perfect brows that don’t move an inch. For lips, I opted for the Revlon colourstay ultimate suede lipstick in ‘070 – preview’.

For the final touch, I doused myself in a healthy amount of the Urban Decay Chill setting spray. I initially thought I was insane spending a lot of moula on fancy mist – but this stuff has the power of holy water. I would not be surprised if it had been blessed by the grace of God himself, because it’s PHENOMENAL.


My face after 10+ hours, thanks to Nivea & Urban Decay.

Now I bid farewell as I face the task of removing make up that still looks fresh as a daisy. I’m unsure if there is any task more depressing, except perhaps for washing make up brushes. Until next time, pals.

E x

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