A little retail therapy

In another episode of ‘bargain hunting’, I bring you my most recent trip to the local Westfield. I was actually pretty hesitant about going as it was during school pick up hours and I feared the centre would be overrun with mothers trying to appease their school children as they shrieked on those god awful soft play things, but to my delight, the centre was dead! All the more bargains for MOI.

First stop was Mecca, where I picked up my new favourite foundation – the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation in the shade 1.1*. It’s the beeeeez kneeeeez.


Now, this wasn’t really a ‘bargain’ in the sense that the product was reduced. Rather, I still had a gift card left over from my Birthday last November that I had stashed away for a rainy day. My voucher was for $50, and the product retails for $61, so I was only $11 out of pocket. Cash moneeeeeey.

Next stop was Typo. I actually went in to look for a friend’s birthday gift, but wound up with a calendar. Yes, I am aware it’s almost March – but better late than never, right? Besides, that’s how you get the dealz.

I got this cut lil thing for 2 bucks. Full price it was around $10, but I’ll take the gold coin donation any day.

Still on the hunt for b’day gifts, I popped in to Myer and ended up walking out with a whole tea set for myself. What can I say, the bargains get the better of me.


In my defence, this is my favourite Maxwell & Williams design ever, I’ve wanted it for about 2 years, AND there was 60% off the whole range. So naturally… I got it all.

I purchased the tea pot, cake stand and two tea cups. Had I paid full price, this would have totalled $125.80. Thanks to my thrift and patience, I was only out of pocket $50.35. Even better, I also had two Myer gift cards left to use meaning I was out of pocket NO DOLLARS. Even, EVEN better – my mum went back and bought me another two tea cups and the matching serving plate so I could have the whole set, because she’s the greatest.

Thus far it’s been pretty good; but don’t fret, the fun is not yet over. I visited Zara because it’s basically my favourite store ever, and boy did I strike gold.

Between these and my Diana Ferrari slides, I’m really getting into the metallic shoe theme. I scored these gold snakeskin sand shoes for $20 reduced from $119. I literally saved $100! They’re obviously quite out there and wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but I thought they would be great for uni to jazz up a plain outfit; dark jeans and a plain tee perhaps.

Speaking of plain T shirts…



My last purchase to share with you, some basic Ts from Dotti. I love these because I find plain black shirts too harsh on me as I’m very fair, and prefer to wear plain jeans with a patterned shirts. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these both have leather detailing on the sleeves – who doesn’t love a lil leather? These are usually $30 full price but Dotti had a flash sale for $10 basics – HOLLA.

Crunching Numbers:

Total spendings: $103.35

Total of RRP: $375.80

Total savings: $272.45

Westfield certainly came through with the goods again. I may have a shopping addiction, but at least it’s all thrifty AF.


*Please note, for some reason the price in store and online for this foundation appears to have a $6 difference. 

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