Chapter 2: February 2016

If you are a Sydney sider, then you know this February was epitomised by the unbearable heat. Yeah, yeah – I know everybody is aware Australia is hot, but this was not normal. This was like residing in the fiery pits of hell. I don’t think I made it through one full day without my make up melting off my face, having to escape to the cool room at work or generally feeling mostly uncomfortable. That being said, February was another fab month – full of fun, food and and celebrations.

The beginning of February was preeeeeeetty quiet. My boyfriend had a lot of assessments due, so the first two weeks of feb were mainly spent helping him with those and trying to get myself ready for my next semester. We did celebrate my Dad’s birthday though, just a low key do at our local Thai, and also had a small family celebration for my sister’s engagement. There was so much delicious food and baked goods, but I am so greedy I forgot to take photos. I did take photos of my make up though, so I suppose I will just include a selfie of that? #yolo

This lip colour is a Feb fave for sure – it’s the Australis velour lips in the shade ‘

Fast Forward to Feb the 13th, which was Valentines celebrations. While Vday isn’t actually until the 14th, Tom and I celebrate early like the povos that we are to avoid valentines prices – ain’t nobody got time for that.


We went to the Lively Catch in Caringbah, which is a delicious and totally underrated Seafood restaurant. We ordered the seafood platter which is $109 between two, and comes in two sections.

Course one – best smoked salmon I have ever had


The photo of the second course doesn’t do the meal justice. Also, I forgot to save it from Snap without the caption – my bad. It was HUGE, this platter even comes with a WHOLE lobster, and is cheaper than other seafood places near me that only come with half. It was so fancy, in fact, that an old dude next to us thought it was appropriate to assume Tom was going to propose to me and ask us about it. Not cool, random senior, not cool.

The following weekend was filled with so, so much delicious food. I went to my friend Olivia’s 21st, which was a beautiful high tea. I got to catch up with all my girlfriends from high school, which is a rarity these days, and it was so nice to have a daytime 21st where we weren’t all so drunk we couldn’t actually listen to each other.

My make up look for the day – I was all about that glow.

The layout was stunning.

And the food & tea were ahmaaaaayzing. 


We even had instructions on how to have high tea like a real, fancy lady.


Later that night I went out for a farewell dinner with my old work crew, for myself and a few other staff who were also leaving. We went to the Noodle Hut in miranda, which was a bit of a nightmare considering there were 20+ of us who went, but was still pretty yummy. Those of us over 18 went out for a few drinks after, and let me tell you, I made a big mistake. I thought to myself – ‘I like coffee! I like alcohol! I will LOVE espresso martinis!’. I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life. I felt like I was slurping an ash tray mixed with sugar. Not nice.

Those two photos of the cocktail were taken like 20 mins apart. I physically could not drink it, which is a big call considering it was $15 and I am a frugal uni student. I will definitely not make that mistake again!

The next week I went out with my pal Georgia, and we traipsed about Cronulla in the blistering heat. We went for lunch at the Protein Bar, which was supes delicious.

Acai bowl goodness.

Afterwards we went to the Cosmetics Factory in Taren Point, which is the best underground make up store ever. The stuff is cheap as chips, and they have a whole range of overseas and local brands. I ended up re purchasing one of my fave nail polishes, picked up two lipsticks, a lip gloss and eyeshadow base for around $40. If you’re a make up lover and haven’t been, I highly highly recommend it.

The last weekend of February turned out to be my favourite. Tom finally came home from uni after not seeing him for two weeks, and after a 35 hour work week on my part, we had a fabulous night out in the city. We went to Medusa Meze for dinner, and Aqua S for dessert – both so grand I’m gonna write an entire blog dedicate to the night.

The following day we went out for brekkie, and then visited the Caringbah markets – only my favourite past time activity.

I actually think I was very restrained, and after trying on a $700 ring I walked away with only these:

I got this super cute lil lacy jar for $4, perfect for my make up brushes, and some hot pink sparkly converse for $10. They are, of course, a sensible addition to any wardrobe – and are practically brand new, though in need of some fresh laces.

Tom and I then spent the rest of the afternoon galavanting around his new fancy pool.

Me at le pool – can you tell I burn easily?

As I said goodbye to Tom upon his return to uni, I also said goodbye to chapter 2 of 2016. I seriously cannot believe how fast it has gone, but I am excited to see what the beginning of uni and March have in store for me.

Until next time,

E x.

* p.s. please forgive me for posting this almost a whole week in to March – I have had one trillion pages of uni readings and am on struggle st. 


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