Chapter 3: March 2016

March was another fabulous month for 2016, which is shaping up to be a pretty funky year. It was jam packed with delicious food, spontaneous trips and Easter goodies.

To start March in my favourite fashion, I ate some delectable Italian at Swiss Quattro with two of my besties, Chels and Nicole.

Honestly who doesn’t love stuffing their face with prawn pasta and nutella pizza? I would put it in my top 5 pastimes. Also, calories don’t count when you’re with friends. It’s scientifically proven, I’ve been told.

The first big March event was my Sister and her partner’s (Jimmy) engagement party. It was so great to see all my family and her friends celebrating their engagement, dancing the night away and doing tequila shots with my Dad. #familygoals

My makeup look of the night. 

Due to the aforementioned tequila shots, I was in need of a hangover cure the next morning, so I popped to Stace & Co cafe the next morning with Tom and we literally ate our body weight in food. No regrets.

How good are hash browns? They’re almost like the food equivalent of Jesus, imo.

Now recently, one of my best pals, Lyn, has moved to Albion Park, so my girlfriends and I thought it would be a nice idea to go for a day trip to see her new place, and then go exploring at Berry. It did not disappoint.

Our first stop was to have lunch at The Burrows of Berry. The food was sooooooo good, and the cafe was so rustic and cool, without delving too far into hipster land.

Then we went to some flea markets, where I found my one true calling. I feel so fulfilled.


This was followed by some frolicking through home wear stores, the Berry Bon Bon shop and stumbling across a quaint little boutique (where literally every single thing would require me so harvest my organs if I were to afford it) with a SELFIE CHAIR.

Though the best part, of course, was the Berry Donut van. It is famous for good reason – the donuts are fab.

Fast forward to some fun less food based, and more alcohol based. I went to KARAOKE at Mizuya. That’s right, it’s not just for sad old cat ladies singing Diana Ross at the local pub – it’s for young, up and coming political superstars such as my self, and my ladies.

Please note the microphones and smiles. It was super.

Now to swiftly move back towards fun fuelled by food, because I am greedy and that is what pleases me most. I had a tea party with the same karaoke pals, and finally put to use my tea set that was featured in my bargains blog. After battling with our new oven (apparently I was setting the oven to turn itself OFF every 5 mins, not putting on the timer) I churned out some lemon/coconut cupcakes and brownies, and everyone else brought enough food to feed a country. Just the way I like it.


Say what you will, but tea parties have not gone out of fashion.

Last,  but not least – was Easter. Now, my parents went away and left me alone for Easter this year. I was practically orphan Annie. Luckily, I had my trusty boyfriend Tom to pull me through the ordeal and we had a cute lil picnic at Lilli Pilli point.

I won’t go into detail about how much easter chocolate I ate, because it’s actually disgusting, but our picnic was just loveleh (to be said in my mum’s Northern English accent) and helped me forget, just for a moment, that I was an abandoned child in this scary world.

And that pretty much sums up my March for 2016! I feel like these are dominated mainly by food … interesting.

*Disclaimer. Yes I am aware it is literally almost May and I am posting my March blog. Uni has been destroying my soul and my writing capabilities, give a gal a break.



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