Chapter 4: April 2016

Aaah, April in Sydney. Once again, another month that was hot AF and full of university induced anxiety. What a time to be alive!

However, it was not all a sweaty-stressy-mess. I must say, April provided the goods. And by goods, I of course mean food.

First stop was Pilgrims in Cronulla for a Mexicana feast with my usual pals:

The food was scrumptious and the company was even better.

A few days later I went to Thai with Tom, and I think it was somewhere in Como on the water but forgive me for I cannot remember the restaurant name. I had a Chicken Pad Thai because I am the Whitest person alive, and Tom had a Massaman, because he is the second Whitest person alive. Both were delish.

Sadly, in true Emma style, I got a migraine during lunch and had to rush to a pharmacy to buy medication. Story of my life.

April then progressed to the world of tea parties, once again. I should be embarrassed that my whole life revolves around food but #noshame.

I made white choc raspberry muffins, which were a hit, and everyone else brought fruit platters, cheese and biccys, lamingtons, the best cookies I’ve ever eaten in my life. The list goes on!

Tom and I also went to Hogsbreath. Don’t ever do that.

Towards the end of the month, I went to my first ever Comedy Festival to watch my friend Alex. She’s bloody hilarious! She usually performs as part of a duo called Catlovers, but this was her first solo debut and she did not disappoint.


I also got more food, this time with my rents at Crnr Espresso. The coffee tastes like actual ashtray, but the food was amaze.

I had avocado salsa, with goats cheese, poached egg, dukkah and rocket on soy & linseed bread; Mum had caramelised pears with toasted sourdough, creamy ricotta and maple roasted pecans. Dad had aforementioned cigarette coffee (poor Dad) and an e&b roll.

Later that day, I ended April with a bang. It was my super good pal Bridget’s 21st. The theme was to dress in white! I went round to hers early to do her makeup, and partied the night away with all sorts of great people and her fab Mum.


Happy Birthday Bridgey, and farewell April.


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