Chapter 5: May 2016

Let’s be frank: May slowly but surely destroyed me on account of one billion university assignments. However, I did manage to escape pane di Emma on a few occasions and see the light of day/moon of night. Here’s what I did:

I caught up with my friend Gabby for lunch at uni, seeing as both of us couldn’t leave the grounds due to aforementioned reasons, but we still like each other. We went to Espresso Warriors and I got a haloumi and corn fritta thing. It was so amaze but can confirm I felt very ill afterwards on account of I am lactose intolerant, and I ate a meal literally made from lactose. Go hard or go home, I say.


If you’re ever on campus at UOW, I highly recommend this cafe. The food, cafe and staff are all wonderful.

Here’s me and Gabby in high school. Gabby is the best!


Soon after this it was Mother’s Day, which I spent at my sister’s place with her in laws and family, who are really fabulous people. We ate a load of food (surprisingly), but I was too greedy and didn’t take any snaps. However, I did take a snap of me with my mum because she’s my hero and the best mumma ever.


I was on house arrest for some time after this, but did manage to sneak out and go to Mary’s Burgers in Newtown with Tom and co. I didn’t take any photos because it was weirdly dark and film-noir esc, in manner of a 1950s movie about Casino crimes,
but the food was pretty yummy. I don’t really like burgers to be honest, especially ones that are American-style and greasy, but it did make the cut.

Even better, though, was dessert. We went to N2, which I had never been to before, and got some amazing gelato with a toasted marshmellow, smores and oreo. Someone had dumpted a dirty nappy in the bin (and this place was SMOL), so it did smell a little bit like the tip, but I guess you win some you lose some.


Towards the end of the month, when Tom was home on the weekend, we just went out for lunch and spent the day studying and relaxing (I feel like this was oxymoronic?). This was us:


It was also my Mum’s birthday on May 25th, and my sister, brother in law and Nan came over for fish ‘n chips at home (mum’s request). We had TWO cakes, because we are piglet browns, and it was actually really nice.

And that’s really all I managed in May. It was a very hectic month, but somehow I made it through. I will leave you with this image, because I found it and set it as my screensaver as a reminder that although you may currently want to bash your head against a wall until uni apologies and slinks off, eventually you will get through the other side!



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