Chapter 6: June 2016

June in Australia = winter. Which = my least favourite season. Why? Let me tell you – I am always frozen, my fingers legit feel like ice blocks, my eczema decides it’s gonna be present all day errey day, and because I am a freak of nature, I STILL GET HAY FEVER. In WINTER. But look, that’s my bad and not June’s bad, so I guess I’ll just get on with it and tell you what I actually did.

No surprises here – I did a lot of uni work, and very little sleeping. June was another quiet month because politics and communications are my worst enemies and it took everything in me to combat them.

Anyway, about halfway through June I put enough concealer on to look like I wasn’t severely sleep deprived, and ventured to the city for my boyfriend’s mate’s Birthday. It was pretty cute – I ate some Japanese food, I drank some wine, I slept on the train (sorry to any elderlies who probably wanted my seat).


That’s me with my friend Bon, she started teaching me dancing when I was 13 and here we are 8 years later, getting on the piss, like true Aussie mates.

I started an internship the week after this, which was pretty fun but lots of hard work. I was working in media for the 2016 Senate election (which went just SWIMMINGLY, amirite?), and my travel time was almost 3 hours a day. Lucky for me, I have the Netflix app on my phone. But PSA – don’t watch OITNB on the train. It does not make for comfortable situations.

Then – I GRADUATED. Yahoooo. To celebrate, I went shopping with my lil friend Berge (formally known as Kate), and shared this mammoth doughnut. I forget what flavour it was precisely, but it was caramelly and espressoey and worth every expensive, calorie filled mouth full.


This is me with Berge many moons ago, before I knew what eyebrow pomade was. She’s pint size in stature but giant size in her heart.


I also met up with Mum and her work friend Kathy in the city one afternoon; I was working in Circular Quay and Mum had some work ‘do’ nearby, so we went shopping and grabbed dinner. We literally ate at 5pm like 80 year olds, but it was great because we went to my fave Greek place Medusa.


If you haven’t been, and you have at least one single tastebud, you should go. It’s AH-MAY-ZING.

June also brought with it an exciting 18th Birthday for an old work pal. Conveniently for me, she lives in my road, so I wasn’t even that late to the party. We just had pre drinks at hers and went out locally.

We got a little tipsy, played that game where you pretend your friend’s hair is yours (groundbreaking), and had some gr8 banter. However, me being me got some serious heartburn and of course the only medication I didn’t have with me was the one I needed. So Georgia and I took ourselves to the corner store to get some, stopped off to get a Greek pita on the way (soft shell crab for me, pork for George) and I stacked in the bathroom. Normal night, really.

Back to the food, I went to Hurricane’s with Tom and co. after not seeing him for two whole weeks. It was so delish – I had a chicken burger and Tom had ribs, hence the bib.

I will say though, I did not dress appropriately. I was wearing a skirt (WITH STOCKINGS!), turtle neck and giant cosy jacket and I still thought I was gonna drop dead right there and then from hypothermia. Note to self: it is June, wear pants.

To finish the month off, I went to a 21st for a school friend who had been overseas for quite some time. I will say that, again, I thought I was gonna die from the severe Australia winters (which we’re renowned for), but it was super lovely to get glammed up and catch up with girlfriends I don’t see as much anymore.

That’s my friend Keely, she’s super smart (like, science smart) and great, and that’s my makeup. First time I ever attempted a wing + falsies + a red lip. It went pretty well. Not gonna lie though, when Tom picked me up we definitely did go through maccas drive through and I definitely did order hotcakes, and it was all my nostalgic hopes and dreams could wish for.

And that, my friends, was June.


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