Chapter 7: July 2017

Firstly I will start off by saying how in gods name is JULY over? We’re closer to Christmas than Australia Day and I’m not feeling okay about it.

Anyway, I began July with food of course. I got some Sushi from my FAVE Sushi place in Caringbah, Aomori, followed by some salted caramel popcorn gelato from Frangipani. Because why the hell not.

I would go as far to say that it was probably the best gelato I’ve ever eaten, and considering how much gelato I have consumed in my time, that’s a steep statement.

The following day I went into the city with Tom for his Grandma’s 80th birthday, which we spent at Cockatoo Island. We did get swooped by vicious seagulls and spend most of the day frozen, but we got some cute snaps and it was good to see his family. After that Tom went to watch the Sharkies because they are killin’ it this season (is that how people talk about football? I don’t know, I don’t do sport?), and I went home to watch the election like the Nana that I am. Not that there was any point to that, though, because we didn’t get the result for an eternity after that anyway.


And my lovely neighbour Christina bought me some beautiful flowers for feeding her cat, Maxie. What she doesn’t know is this is actually a favour to me because Maxie is the best thing ever and I love getting to take care of him.


I also did some baking for Tom’s Dad as it was his birthday, and I made my trusty lemon and coconut meringue cheesecake. This took HOURS and a slight mental breakdown ensued when my meringue REFUSED to foam. But hey, I got there in the end and it was yummmmo.

Tom and I then ate more food at a cafe near his place. Not on this same day though, we’re not that greedy. I had a steak sambo and he had a snitty with mushroom sauce. Both were okay but over priced, and a strange man stared at me for the entire duration of our meal. Probs won’t go back, let’s be honest.

Then, you’ll never guess. I did MORE BAKING! Because I love FOOD! I mad some banana choc muffins with my mum and ohmagawd they were scrumptious. I needed an excuse to use my new cake platter that I found at vinnies, and what better way?

I took a stellar photo of Sydney on my way to work.


And then went out to eat again, but this time it was slightly more healthy at the v. hipster and fancy Culture Bean cafe in Kogarah. I’m thinking this may have changed owners because it wasn’t as good as it used to be, but it still looked like a 1970s hippy fest in a bowl, which I am not averse to.

So… the healthy thing didn’t last long, and Tom dragged me (this isn’t an exaggeration, I actually really don’t like burgers) to a new American-style burger joint in Cronulla called Jake Chalmers. I had a chicken burger and shared some tater tots with Tom. Tater tots were amaze, burger was pretty nice as far as fried foods goes.

The following weekend I went to Goulburn to visit Tom as he couldn’t make it home that weekend. It was effing COLD. I’m talking 7 degrees top, 4 degrees in the AM. We went to the Big Merino (tick that one off the bucket list) and saw Tarzan (FABULOUS! And Alexander Skarsgård, hello????) at the Goulburn cinema for $8!!!! I also bought a load of makeup from their Target which was sooooo much better than mine, and went to the workers club, which was sort of like the pub out of Puberty Blues, but at least it was heated.

Upon returning from Golburn, I encountered probably the saddest departure of my life, except for when my lil bunny Peter died (RIP Pete dog). I sold my 1998 Mazda Metro. Her name was Mrs Weasley because she was little and red, and everybody knew about her. I bought her when I was 16 and actually felt like she was a part of me, so I was so so sad to see her go. However, it was about time I bought a car a little fancier and less close in age to myself. I now have a Hyundai i30 named Gertie.


Then – Tom FINISHED UNI! Yippee, he’s almost home for good. We went out to dinner to celebrate, and I fished out my thigh high boots for the occasion.


We just went to the the local thai, and ordered salt and pepper squid for the entree, and beef massaman with coconut rice and crispy duck stir fry for the mains. This was of course followed by gelato, because we have no self control.

The next day Tom and I had more Acai goodness, I took a super cute photo of him, and we went to look at some units in Cronulla. We really really loved one but weren’t able to apply yet, but it’s actually super fun to see what’s available.

To finish July off with a bang, we went to watch Tom’s old soccer team play. It was actually a beautiful day and they won! Best of all though, my wings turned out on fleek so ofc. I had to get photographic evidence.

Hopefully August will bring with it as much excitement and delicious food, and a little less freezing weather.

E x



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