Reflecting on Murdoch

I am sure anybody who has read my blog thus far has gained at least a slight inkling that I am a very strongly opinionated person when it comes to politics (and mostly everything else as well). I love learning about politics, debating politics, writing about politics and most of all, criticising politicians. This is … More Reflecting on Murdoch

Fuck Your Blurred Lines

According to Habermas, the public sphere is the “virtual space where citizens… exchange ideas and discuss issues, in order to reach agreement about matter of general interest” (2005, p. 4). In a modern sense, the debate taking place in the public sphere often touches on issues that that occur in the realm of popular culture, for … More Fuck Your Blurred Lines

Media Dictatorship

Media ownership is not simply control over what is advertised and circulated. It is control over what a society is exposed to, and in turn, the power to coerce opinions. Media ownership has the ability to slowly and subtly groom a society to one of a conforming political, societal and personal standing. To me, media … More Media Dictatorship

Political Persuasion & Satirical Significance

This has to be one of my favourite artworks I’ve  seen so far this year. It’s symbolic, it’s poignant  and it reeks of satire. Would more could you ask  for? Let’s start with the denotations. There’s Tony  Abbott, there’s Pinocchio, there’s a wall and there’s  a rhetorical conversation. On the surface, there’s  really not much … More Political Persuasion & Satirical Significance