‘Fair balance’ prevents environmental progress

On the surface, ‘fair balance’ presents itself as a good journalistic practice used to avoid bias and subjectivity. However, when it comes to science reporting, fair balance is inherently flawed. This is because equal space and time are given to science skeptics despite overwhelming evidence proving otherwise. The ratio of credibility to air time/coloumn space in this … More ‘Fair balance’ prevents environmental progress

Television drama – Skins

The television series ‘Skins‘, first created and aired in the UK was a massive television hit, especially for teenager views. It was popular for a multitude of reasons. It’s characters were alluring and fantastical, yet relatable and comfortingly human. It’s themes covered drugs, sex, alcohol, eating disorders, divorce, sexual orientation, “[tackling] pressing issues, such as … More Television drama – Skins

It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unuuuuusual

Image credit. Kath and Kim are iconically Australian. Kim, the bogan who thinks she’s full of sass, Kath, the daggy mother who thinks she’s sex on legs, and Sharon, the obviously overweight best friend who is convinced she’s a professional athlete. Kath and Kim ran in Australia from 2002 to 2007, and remains today just as popular and well … More It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unuuuuusual

The emergence of new media capitals

Modern television is beginning to transcend western ideological entertainment and moving away from conventional styles and genres. New patterns of media flow no longer rely on the exchange of programming between sovereign states, but rather from particular states that have become financial, production or distribution hot spots for TV (for example Cairo and Hong Kong). … More The emergence of new media capitals

Hollywood has Siblings

Hollywood is considered the cinema centre of the world. It is glamour, wealth, power, celebrity – but it is not alone. India and Africa, too, are home to cinema power houses. Bollywood and Nollywood are both massive industries providing their countries with income and entertainment and allowing other cultures an insight into their worlds. In … More Hollywood has Siblings

Globalisation – Dystopia or Utopia?

It is indisputable that globalisation is defining the 21st century, but whether it is beneficial or detrimental is very much debatable. The effects of globalisation are felt very differently across the globe, some countries flourishing within it, and others experiencing increasing disparity and poverty. The ideal image of globalisation is a world in which democracy … More Globalisation – Dystopia or Utopia?