Misogynistic Mannerisms

In the unregulated world of Web 2.0, internet trolls are often free to say whatever they like, to whoever they like, unsupervised. While being targeted by internet trolls is not a gender-specific experience, the subject of the trolling often is. Women on the internet, especially in public roles such as journalism, blogging, or feminist activism, … More Misogynistic Mannerisms

(Re)Mixing It Up

Remixing is defined as the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing, and adding originals to create something entirely new. It is said that today we live in the age of the remix – we are constantly borrowing, re-using and reutilising to make something new out of something old. To put this in perspective, 74 of the … More (Re)Mixing It Up

Pottermore & Pandora – do they tell the same story?

According to Sweeney, transmedia narratives can be defined as “a multiplatform approach to storytelling that mirrors how we consume stories as an interweave of texting, screen capture, remix dialogues, and theatrical and television viewing” (2010).  Transmedia storytelling involves elements of fiction being dispersed across multiple delivery channels, giving the story a new meaning or perspective.This can occur through platforms such … More Pottermore & Pandora – do they tell the same story?

The Audience becomes Active with Pandora Radio

Traditionally, radio stations have worked to cater to a very large audience, meaning the listener’s experience can be impersonal and monologic. (Photo credit) However, with the emergence of Pandora Radio, the experience of radio has become much more than this. Pandora is able to cater to a much wider audience while creating an explicitly personal … More The Audience becomes Active with Pandora Radio

New Technologies Under the Pump. 

Media convergence is not an endpoint, it is an ongoing process shaped and endorsed by consumers and their interactions with technologies. As new technologies have emerged, tensions have arisen that have challenged the adoption of new media and presented problems in the validity of the cyberspace and the ever-changing producer/consumer relationships. These tensions are outlined … More New Technologies Under the Pump. 

Pandora & Copyright – Profitability vs. Royalties

The purpose of copyright is to protect intellectual property, and ensure the creators are not ripped off purely because their creation is (often) intangible. The instant an original song is written or recorded, it is automatically copyrighted. This is in place in order to protect artists, ensure their avenue for revenue isn’t jeopardised and give … More Pandora & Copyright – Profitability vs. Royalties