Why every woman should STILL be a feminist

Disclaimer: this article focuses on sexism generally seen in the developed world. I in no way intend to undermine the rampant and tangible forms of misogyny seen elsewhere globally. I will explore those in future articles on my blog, and you can find out more about this on The Guardian. 21st Century Feminism “You’re so like… LIKE, NOT … More Why every woman should STILL be a feminist


Just recently I was visiting Berry when I walked past a quaint little boutique store featuring, believe it or not, a ‘selfie chair’. I’m the kind of gal who will take a selfie whenever the moment presents itself(ie), and even when it doesn’t – so a SELFIE CHAIR?! I was sold. Upon reflection, I realised … More #feministselfies

PSA: don’t harass women and girls at work

In the past week, I have had numerous uncomfortable experiences involving the unwanted and highly inappropriate attention from male customers at work. Previously, I worked on the door at a bar and was pretty much harassed by seedy dudes from start to finish of my shift. I was freshly 18 at the time, and thought maybe this was … More PSA: don’t harass women and girls at work

Everyday Sexism & Street Harassment in Australia

Picture this: you’re going for a run. You live in Australia where it’s a bajillion degrees every day in summer, so you’re sweating like a pig. You’re going through the mental debate of “I can’t do this shit” and “channel your inner Beyonce!”. And then BAM. A car horn sounds and a lovely gentlemen, ranging from somewhere between … More Everyday Sexism & Street Harassment in Australia

Misogynistic Mannerisms

In the unregulated world of Web 2.0, internet trolls are often free to say whatever they like, to whoever they like, unsupervised. While being targeted by internet trolls is not a gender-specific experience, the subject of the trolling often is. Women on the internet, especially in public roles such as journalism, blogging, or feminist activism, … More Misogynistic Mannerisms