Why every woman should STILL be a feminist

Disclaimer: this article focuses on sexism generally seen in the developed world. I in no way intend to undermine the rampant and tangible forms of misogyny seen elsewhere globally. I will explore those in future articles on my blog, and you can find out more about this on The Guardian. 21st Century Feminism “You’re so like… LIKE, NOT … More Why every woman should STILL be a feminist

Poverty porn may be empowering, but for who?

*This post features images that may be confronting or triggering for some viewers. How many images of emaciated African children, most probably in aid advertisements and accompanied by a celeb, have you viewed? How many of your Facebook friends have ‘found themselves’ on a volunteer trip to Africa, letting you know by updating their profile pic … More Poverty porn may be empowering, but for who?

Should celebrity activists stick to acting?

The conversation about celebrity and activism is ongoing – should they or shouldn’t they?  It seems like celebs who don’t use their reach/fan base as a catalyst for change are considered ignorant and selfish, yet those who are involved in political activity and campaigning are accused of only doing it to look good, or merely inspiring clicktivism. Nevertheless, there are countless … More Should celebrity activists stick to acting?

The Ethics of Google Maps

Maps have been traditionally inherently deceiving. They are generally perceived as objective tools to assist in navigation, when really, the scope of their power is far reaching. Maps have the ability to promote specific ideologies, generally those of the creators, that are often entrenched in ethnocentrism and have vast political consequences. “Maps are cultural artefacts … More The Ethics of Google Maps

‘Fair balance’ prevents environmental progress

On the surface, ‘fair balance’ presents itself as a good journalistic practice used to avoid bias and subjectivity. However, when it comes to science reporting, fair balance is inherently flawed. This is because equal space and time are given to science skeptics despite overwhelming evidence proving otherwise. The ratio of credibility to air time/coloumn space in this … More ‘Fair balance’ prevents environmental progress

Love is Love – the Political Agenda of Youth

The ‘youth’ of today are often viewed as narcissistic, apathetic and lazy, not just in their lifestyle, but in their approach to politics. This idea is definitely wide spread, but being part of the ‘youth’ myself, I have to strongly disagree. I consider myself a very active political citizen and I do not think this … More Love is Love – the Political Agenda of Youth